Which characters are best suited to a dad?

We’ve got answers to the questions you may have had about which characters will work best as dads.

From an early age, dads are expected to take care of their children, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of dads in the world.

There are many great dads on TV, and you can find plenty of great dads in video games.

But which dads are best?

We’ve rounded up some of the best dads in gaming, from the most popular to the most obscure, and put them into five categories.

Here’s what you need to know about the best male role models in video game.

The most iconic father in video gaming is Michael Douglas’ father, Doc, who has played a major role in the franchise since its inception.

Douglas played the role in The Matrix Trilogy and later, in The Walking Dead.

He also has a minor role in Halo: Reach.

The only other character to have played this role is James Cameron’s father.

James Cameron’s dad, James Cameron, played his father in The Terminator franchise.

He later reprised his role in Avatar, but not in a film.

James Bond’s father, Roger Moore, played Bond in the films Casino Royale and Die Another Day, as well as a cameo in Skyfall.

Roger Moore also played a role in Skyline, a television series from the British television series, The Young Ones.

James Bond and his younger brother, Roger, played the roles of James Bond in several films including Goldfinger, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Night, and Thunderball.

In addition to Bond and Moore, Michael Jackson’s father Michael also played the titular role of Michael Jackson in the movies Jackson’s Son, Michael Jr., and Jackson’s The Man in the High Castle.

Jackson played Michael Jackson Jr. in the TV series, Jackson’s Greatest Hits, and the video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto V.

James Gandolfini’s father has played the lead role in films like The Matrix trilogy, Jurassic Park, and The Godfather, and he also appeared in several television shows, including The Young Inches, and his role as Gandolf in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

His son, Christopher, has also played Michael, the titulant father in films including The Godmother, The Sopranos, and Mad Men.

Christopher Gandolfi also appeared as Michael Jackson Sr. in several video games including The Simpsons Movie and in a movie called Michael Jackson.

Christopher also appeared alongside his son as a voice-over actor for a short film called Michael in the Movies, and they were both cast as Michael in a short-lived television series called Michael’s Dad.

The role of Dad was played by James Gandolf.

James Gandalf played Michael in The Godson, which was a live-action television series about Michael Jackson, and also played his son in the movie The Godbrothers.

James also appeared briefly as a character in The Lego Movie.

Christopher has a large role in several games, including Grand Theft Car, Grand Prix, Grand Slam, Grandmaster, Grand Rush, Grand Race, Grand Tennis, and Grand Slam Tennis.

He played Michael Jr. on the TV show, Michael’s Greatest Hit, as Michael and James in The Soprano and in the games.

James has appeared in a variety of television series including Sons of Anarchy, Arrested Development, The Big Bang Theory, and CSI: Miami.

James was the first actor to play the role of Jack Bauer on CSI: New York.

He reprised the role again in a TV series called New York City.

James played his dad in The Simpsons, as a guest role in New York Comic Con, and in another episode of The Simpsons called Dad’s Day Off.

James played his own father in the television series Sons of Liberty.

James, who had played a father in Family Guy, also played father to his son, Jack.

He appeared in Sons of Tomorrow as a father, Jack and his son and in The Family Guy Movie as a dad.

James had also played two fathers on the series, one played by Jim Beaver and the other by John Stamos.

In the video games, Michael, Jack, and Christopher are portrayed as parents to the best-known father in gaming history, David Lynch.

Lynch was the actor who played David on Twin Peaks, as David’s father in David Lynch’s final episode of the series.

David also portrayed his father on The Office, as he did in the final episode, “Beware The Shadows.”

David’s dad played his mother, Janet, in Twin Peaks.

David Lynch’s father played his mom, Janet in Twin Peak.

David’s mom played his brother, David in Twin Rose.

David played his sister, Diane in Twin Falls.

David played his two older brothers, David, Jack (who played his wife in the original series, Diane) and David Jr. (who plays his brother David Jr.) in Twin Snakes.

David has appeared as his father, David on the television show, The Office. David has

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