‘Bismuth Steven Universe’ has a brand new TV series in development.

“It’s very much about what the next step is,” said executive producer and showrunner Aaron Mone.

“We really wanted to create a show that would really take us to a new, exciting place.”

The story centers on Bismuth, an astronaut who left her home planet of Mercury to travel to the distant planet Bismark, a world she has only seen once in her entire life.

She has only had one brief contact with humanity, in an alien spaceship crash on a distant planet.

“She’s really lost everything.

She’s never been a part of the human experience,” Mone said.

“But her story is that we can never let that happen again.

There’s a certain amount of hope that she can find a way out, that humanity will make it.

That there are things that we don’t know about ourselves, that we have a chance to change things.”

The series will follow Bismut, a woman who is stranded on Biscayne Bay, where she finds herself on a collision course with an old friend who has the power to create the new Bismarks.

“There’s a whole other world of Bismackers in this universe, and she’s going to have to work with them to create these Bismots,” Mones said.

The series will explore how Bismurtures and Bismotters come together and what it means to be a Bismuther.

“It’s a lot of fun to be in the show,” Mance said.

Mone said the series is in its second season and that the pilot is in the final editing stage.

“It has a very real sense of urgency, and I think that it’s really something we can pull off.

It’s something that I’m really excited to be part of.”

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