President Donald Trump says he’s ‘willing to get back into’ Star Wars universe

President Donald Trumps administration is working on new Star Wars movies, but he isn’t ruling out a new universe, The Hill’s Mike DeBonis reported.

Trump told The Hollywood Reporter he’s “willing” to get his own spin on the saga, saying, “I think I would be willing to do that.”

Trump’s comments came as the president took part in a meeting with a group of fans at the White House, with members of the public present and watching.

Trump has said he’d like to reboot the Star Wars franchise and is open to creating new stories.

In February, Trump suggested the franchise would be revived and told fans, “we want to do Star Wars, and we want to make it better.”

Trump, who has previously said he was not into Star Wars and that he’s not into the franchise, said during the event that he would be open to the idea of creating new Star Trek movies if fans would be “more willing to put up with the nonsense.”

“Star Trek is the most successful franchise in the world.

And you guys are just going to have to work with us, and you’re going to get us into Star Trek,” he said.”

I think it would be great.

I think it’s a very great idea.

And I’m willing to work on it.”

Trump has long been known for his love for Star Wars.

In 2012, he tweeted a photo of himself holding the iconic “Star Wars” lightsaber and calling the franchise “a dream come true.”

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