How to use the new Disney Infinity 4.0 app

The Disney Infinity app is available now in Australia, New Zealand and Europe and will be available in all other countries at a later date.

The app includes more than a dozen collectible figures and accessories, including a new figure named “Bumblebee”.

The new Disney app also includes a new collection of figures and toys for the Disney Infinity game, including the Disney Collector’s Series.

It also brings with it a new, redesigned collection of game modes, including “Collecting”, “Sleeping”, “Pump-Action” and “Sniper”.

“We’re excited to introduce new collectible games and more content to Disney Infinity and to the Disney app in general,” Disney Infinity senior product manager Nick Cundari said.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of Disney Infinity in the past few years and we hope to continue to expand our game into new regions and add more game modes.”

The app also features a number of new game modes including the new “Collective”, which allows players to work together and collect together as they compete against each other in the game’s online multiplayer mode.

“Collective” will allow players to create and customize their own game groups to create their own Disney Infinity experience, while “Sleeeping” will let players choose between a variety of characters that can be customized with accessories, such as “Humpback whales” and a “Horse with a Bow”.

The game’s new online multiplayer will allow for a “shared” experience, where players can share the same map and other elements to create a more seamless experience.

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