Stephen Universe, the Obsidian universe, the dark universe: Where does the next one take us?

The latest comic book movie has opened with a strong performance from newcomer Michael B. Jordan.

The movie opens on Friday with “Dark Universe” — a six-issue mini-series about a group of people trapped in the multiverse, which allows them to experience alternate universes.

The first issue, “Comet,” opens the next day with “Bitten,” a six issue mini-story about a boy who becomes obsessed with finding a comet.

The first issue of “Obsidian,” released last year, is set in the Dark Universe.

The second issue, released last month, is “Bites,” set in an alternate universe.

Obsidian stars Anthony Hopkins, Michael B-Jordan, and Lucy Lawless.

The comic was written by writer Rob Williams, who was previously an editor on “Invincible Iron Man.”

The title of the series is an homage to the comic “Invulnerable Iron Man,” which is based on a character created by Steve Ditko.

The third issue, which hits stores this week, opens with a five-issue miniseries, “Dinosaur Man.”

It’s set in a future where dinosaurs are extinct and the only way to survive is to create a new species from scratch.

It also stars Michael B Jordan and Lucy Jones.

The title “Dinos of Doom” is an anagram for “Dino Apocalypse.”

The fourth issue of the book, “The Dark Universe,” opens with an exclusive four-issue limited series, “Invade The Dark Universe.”

The series follows a team of explorers in the dark, sci-fi future.

“Invasion The Dark” stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and Felicity Jones.

It was written and illustrated by writer Tom King.

The fifth issue, coming to stores this Thursday, will feature a story about the mysterious “Citizen C.”

The book, which was created by writer Joe Kelly, is being co-published with Dynamite Entertainment by Dark Horse.

The new issue also includes “Miles Morales: The Book of the New Sun” by writer John Layman, who is also a writer on “Marvel’s Agent Carter.”

The sixth issue, titled “Tales of the Dead,” is set between “Dark City” and “The Immortal Throne.”

It follows a young boy named Miles, who discovers a powerful artifact while investigating a mystery.

The book was created and illustrated the series by Ryan North, who previously wrote “Spider-Man: Ultimate Foes.”

The fifth issue of this story is “Ties to the Dark.”

It begins with Miles exploring the universe and finds a new friend in a mysterious figure called “The Lord.”

The seventh issue, set in 2021, is called “All My Sins Are One.”

It takes place in a world where people have been genetically engineered to become superheroes, and the world is controlled by an elite military organization known as “The Council.”

The story stars Jason Momoa as a member of the elite group, a superhero known as the Scarlet Witch.

The eighth issue, slated for next week, is titled “The End.”

The issue stars Ryan Gosling, Jason Momos, and Elodie Yung.

The issue is scheduled for release on Oct. 17.

The ninth issue, scheduled for next Wednesday, is slated for release next Wednesday.

The story is set around a group who have become superheroes after being killed by a villain known as The Master, who has taken over their bodies.

The series is by writer Michael Lark and artist Mikel Janin.

The 10th issue, the final issue of which is set to be released on Oct 3, is also slated to be out on Oct 2.

It’s a story set in 2023, where the superheroes of today have been resurrected from the dead.

The tenth issue is set before the events of “Infinity War.”

It stars Tom Hardy, Scarlett Johansson, Zendaya, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The 11th issue of Obsidian will be released in theaters on Oct 5.

The ninth issue of The Dark City will be out next Thursday.

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