What’s the point of the DC Universe?

As we near the end of DC’s current run, it’s worth remembering that the DCU has been around for almost a century now.

And it’s not just because of the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Its because of continuity and continuity’s place in the world.

It’s because of a whole bunch of other things, like a whole host of books and television shows that have been created and created and re-created since.

So while some of these books and shows have come and gone over the years, the DC continuity is still as fresh and as relevant as ever.

And in some ways, it seems like DC Universe is the only one with this brand-new story line to say, “Here’s how the world we live in really works.

Here’s what happens when we put a little more love and care into these characters.”

Let’s take a look at some of the major stories that have influenced and inspired the DC universe.

DC Universe: The Big Bang and Other Big News DC Universe titles in chronological order (click to enlarge): The Flash: The Flash (April 1985) The Flash and the Legion of Doom (November 1985) Superman: Adventures in Metropolis (April 1988) Justice League (March 1990) Batman: The Animated Series (November 1992) Green Lantern Corps (January 1994) Justice Society of America (February 1996) Batman and the Outsiders (June 1996) The Joker (October 1997) The Bat (November 1997) Supergirl (November 1999) Catwoman (April 2000) Aquaman (July 2000) Swamp Thing (October 2001) The Martian Manhunter (November 2002) Green Arrow (January 2004) Batman Beyond (March 2006) Justice Catastrophe (March 2007) Cat Woman: Daughter of the Demon (April 2008) Flashpoint (April 2009) Aquaball: The New 52 (August 2011) New 52: Rise of the Sinestro Corps (October 2017) Birds of Prey (November 2017) Cyborg: Born Again (December 2018) Batman Eternal (March 2019) Aquman: Dark Origin (June 2020) The New Titans (March 2021) Birds: The Lost Boys (May 2021) The Outsiders: Rise and Fall (August 2021) Green Supermen: The Last of the Supermen (August 2020) Batgirl: The Killing Joke (November 2021) Teen Titans: Year One (December 2021) Aquamarine: The Way of the Titans (February 2022) The Young Justice team (June 2022) Aqualad: The Aquaman Mystery (March 2023) Teen Titan: Aquaman in the Modern World (March 2024) The Batman: Rebirth Team (April 2024) Teen Miraclegirl: Black Canary and the New Teen Titans (June 2024) Aqua’s Kingdom (September 2024) New Teen Teen Titans Annual: The Return of Aquaman and the Titans!

(October 2025) Birds on the Verge of Revolution: A Year of Birds (October 2026) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles and Their Friends (December 2026, with a new Teen Titans story) Birds with Friends: Teen Titans and Friends (November 2026 with a Birds story) Teen Aquaman: The Great Water War (January 2027) Teen Beast: The Teen Titans vs. the Justice League!

(February 2027 with a Teen Titans adventure) Teen Venom: A Teenage Venom Story!

(March 2020) Aquacide: Teenage Aquaman’s World (April 2020) Teen Thunderbolts: The Thunderbolters and the Justice Society!

(May 2020) Thunderbolter: Teen Thunderbolt and the Teen Titans!

Adventures in Aquaculture (May 2025) The Justice League: New Teen Warriors (July 2026-30) The Aquatic City: Teenagers’ Adventures in the New World Aquarium (August 2026–27) Titans: The First Year in Aquatic School (November 2020) Birds, Inc.: Teen Titans’ Adventures on the Wonder Twins (December 2020) Adventures of the Birds: Teen Titan’s New School (December 2024) Adventures in Adventures of Birds: Turtles, Birds, and Friends!

(December 2025) Teen Legends: The Adventures of Teen Titans, The Brave and the Bold, and the Superfriends (January 2021) Legends of Tomorrow: Teen Teen Turtles (February 2021) Titans of Tomorrow, Teen Titans Titans, Teen Titan Titans, and Teen Titans of the Galaxy (May 2022) Titans on Earth: Teen Turtles: Adventures on Earth!

(July 2022) Teen Warriors: Adventures of Aquarion!

(August 2022) Adventures for the Titans: Teen Warriors and the Brave and Bold!

(September 2022) Legends on Earth, Adventures of Titans, Titans on Titan, and Titans on Planet Earth!

Adventures of a Teen Titan, Adventures on Teen Titans Titan, Titans of Titans: Adventures with the Brave, Brave and Brave and The Brave, and The Bold and the Mighty Adventures of Earth,

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