How to fix the #GamerGate controversy

Posted May 11, 2020 03:08:17The hashtag #Gamergate controversy is still ongoing, but it’s getting worse.

The hashtag was trending on Twitter for days after the hashtag #ethics in gaming emerged as a trending topic, and it has since evolved into a global movement that is rallying against the treatment of women in gaming.

Some people are upset that the hashtag is trending so much, and they’re demanding a change to the game’s rules or the games themselves.

Here are some tips to keep the hashtag alive:1.

Don’t get too far ahead of the hashtag.

For now, don’t worry about what it means, but be aware that it could get worse.2.

Keep the hashtag at the forefront of your Twitter feed.

You don’t have to follow every hashtag.3.

Follow the hashtag if you want to, but don’t just blindly follow.

For example, if you follow @GameJournoPros and @GamePolitics , you might find yourself confused and confused.4.

Don ‘t forget to tweet about the hashtag and the controversy.

It could be your only way to hear about it.5.

Never be afraid to make a fuss.

If you see something that doesn’t add up, say something.

If it doesn’t seem like an issue, it’s probably not an issue.

If you don’t want to follow the hashtag, then just don’t.

The issue will continue to grow and get worse until we have an official hashtag.

If people want to stop using #Gamergaters as a rallying cry, they can just ignore the hashtag altogether.

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