Which of the following is the most popular religion in America?

The American conservative believes there are many different versions of Christianity.

There are the traditional Christians and then there are others who consider themselves a mix.

It’s not easy to tell which version of Christianity you belong to.

A study by the American Institute of Religion found that only 20% of American adults identify as Catholic.

In fact, fewer than half of Americans are religious at all, according to the AP.

But even with that, it’s still possible to identify the religion that appeals to you the most.

To find out which version is your favorite, HuffPost Religion asked people to identify their favorite Bible verse, and then rated how likely they were to say they were a Catholic, an atheist, agnostic or a skeptic.

The results showed that the most widely followed version of Catholicism in America, the Catholic Church, is the least popular religion.

The Catholic Church ranks at the bottom of the list, at 24% in 2017, while the Protestant Christian denomination ranks at 29%.

Both of those groups are also the most religious in the country.

The American Christian Church has historically been the least religious of all religions.

That doesn’t mean it has never been popular.

A 2015 Pew Research Center survey found that just 16% of Americans thought the Catholic church was the most important religious institution in the United States.

However, only 13% of Catholics in 2017 thought the Protestant Church was the top church.

The most popular Protestant denomination is the United Church of Christ, which has about 30 million members.

The Pew Research survey also found that the United Methodist Church, the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S., is the country’s second-most popular Protestant group, with just 15%.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is third, with 17%.

The LDS Church has a sizable following in the West, where it is the second-largest church in the world, after the Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles.

The Mormon Church ranks sixth on the list.

The top Protestant denominations are The Church at Large, the Presbyterian Church, United Church, and the Episcopal Church.

While the Church at large has a small number of members, it is by far the largest denomination in America.

And while the Presbyterian denomination has seen its membership drop, it has also grown rapidly over the years.

The U.K.’s Presbyterian Church has about 25,000 members, followed by the Church of England at 10,000.

The largest U.N. denomination is also in the top 10, with some 9,000 in total.

All the top Protestant and Catholic denominations are in the Top 10 of the AP Religion Index.

“This is an issue that people are really struggling with right now,” said Brian Bloch, executive director of the Pew Research Group, in a statement.

“The popularity of the Protestant church and the Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran churches has declined.

The percentage of Americans who identify as religiously unaffiliated is growing.”

The survey found some notable differences among Protestant denominations.

In 2017, 32% of U.M. Baptists said they were members of a religious order, compared to 35% of Episcopalians, 35% Protestant Christians and 26% of Lutheran Christians.

The number of unaffiliated Americans was about the same for mainline Protestant denominations as it was for other denominations.

And despite the popularity of some Protestant denominations, a majority of Americans (57%) believe there is room for a “big tent” within the Protestant and Christian churches, as the AP puts it.

For example, just 33% of Protestants think there is enough room for them to belong to the largest U,M.

Protestant denomination, the Episcopal Diocese, while 60% of Catholic and Anglican Christians think the same.

For some reason, the survey also asked people whether they identify as atheist or agnostic, and those who did identify as agnostic did slightly better than those who identified as atheist.

People who identify themselves as atheist do better than people who identify with a religion, but those who do not identify as an atheist still do better.

The survey also showed that Americans who believe in God and the Bible are more likely than those without that belief to say that they are “religiously unaffiliated.”

But the data on how many people say they are religiously unaffiliatve is mixed, and some say the data is incomplete.

In general, the AP asked people in 2017 to list their own religious affiliation, and it found that most Americans listed a religious affiliation as either “none,” “some,” “religion,” “atheism,” “none of the above,” “other,” “nothing in particular” or “nothing at all.”

The AP also asked the same question in 2017 but asked Americans to identify as a member of the Church in the USA, which is the largest Catholic denomination in American.

In the survey, just 19% of adults said they belonged to the Church.

About one-in-five people (18%) said they identified as Catholic, while 22% said they said

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