“Miss Universe” Is Getting a Movie, Not a TV Show

Deadline Hollywood , February 20, 2019 (Nexus) The fourth installment of the popular Miss Universe competition series is slated to premiere on Nickelodeon in 2019.

The upcoming film, called Miss Universe: New York, will star Vanessa Hudgens and feature the voice of Jessica Nigri.

The new Miss Universe film will be produced by David Wainberg, who has been working on the Miss Universe franchise since 2009.

The movie is expected to be a limited series.

“We have been talking to producers who have worked on our series,” said John Murphy, president of production for Nickelodeons, in a statement.

“The new Miss USA pageant is a franchise that we love and we are excited about working with David on the project.

We are looking forward to making this film even better.”

The third installment of Miss Universe is currently in production, but it will not be available on Netflix.

“I love Miss Universe and Miss Universe in general, and we will continue to do great work together on the franchise, including the Miss USA franchise,” said Wainenberg.

“Our goal is to produce something that has the same excitement, excitement, and passion that the original Miss Universe has.

We look forward to a fantastic time with fans of Miss USA.” 

Nickelodeons is currently developing the first film in the Miss World franchise. 

The Miss Universe brand has become one of the biggest in pop culture and is often compared to the WWE.

The Miss Universe Organization, which was founded in 1997, includes the pageant, the Miss America pageant, and the Miss Teen USA pageant.

In addition, the network also airs the Miss Philippines, Miss Universe World and Miss Teen Asia. 

Nickels parent company, Viacom, purchased the Miss United pageant in 2014 for $3 billion. 

There have been several high profile lawsuits between the Miss Union and the pageant company over alleged sexual harassment and violence against contestants. 

In 2018, Miss World winner Nicole Scherzinger filed a lawsuit against the pageant’s parent company in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York over allegations that she was sexually assaulted by a pageant employee.

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