Aquamarine Steven Universe: Aquaman, The Flash, Supergirl and Wonder Woman are the most popular TV shows in the universe

The most popular shows in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe are almost exclusively animated series, with two exceptions.

In the DC Cinematic Universes, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, the two most popular characters are the Green Lanterns and Aquaman.

The most recent season of Aquaman and the Green Arrow are the two least popular shows, with only 8.6 and 10.6 million viewers, respectively.

This is surprising, as Aquaman is one of the most recognizable and recognizable characters in the DCU, and he was a major player in the comic book.

This has been a major source of criticism from fans of the show, and many have expressed concerns that this is a trend that will only continue.

The numbers for animated series are not much different.

There are roughly 3.8 million shows for the Marvel Cinematic universe, which includes the four most popular superhero series in the comics: Captain America, Avengers, Thor, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

That means that of the 3.9 million animated shows, only 6.6 percent are animated by one of these three superheroes.

This number is much lower than the percentage of shows that are animated exclusively by one or more of the characters in Marvel Comics, which number in the mid-to-high teens.

In fact, the percentage is so low that there are no Disney movies in the Marvel Universe, and there are none in the animated TV universe, either.

In the DC Universe, there are only two characters that have been a mainstay of the DC characters since the beginning of the series: Superman and Batman.

In a very different Marvel Universe that is also animated, the Green Goblin and Black Widow are the only two DC characters that are a main focus.

In addition, The Green Lantern Corps is not even a main feature of the Marvel universe, though it is a recurring character in the current TV series.

While there are a few other notable characters that aren’t in the Disney universe, like Wonder Woman and Batman, they are very small percentage of the overall characters in this universe.

It is worth noting that the popularity of the Green Man and Black Panther is not the same as the popularity in the original comics, and while the Green Panther is now a main character in both Marvel and DC, the original Green Man was only introduced in the TV series and never appeared in the movies.

The Green Panther, however, is still in the popular comics.

For instance, in the “New 52” DC Universe series, he is a main player, a member of the Justice League, and one of three major characters in Justice League International, with the others being Green Lantern and Wonder Man.

In addition to the main characters, there is a host of lesser-known characters who have been part of the animated universe since the start.

The best known is Wonder Woman, who is the daughter of Captain America and has appeared in numerous comic books.

Wonder Woman is not a very popular character in her own comic book series, but she has been seen in the recent DCU movies and TV series, including the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the second Batman v.

Superman: The Killing Joke.

In terms of television shows, there has been only one television series that has a crossover with the DC animated series.

In this case, it is Wonder Girl, who has been introduced to the series and has played a major role in the upcoming Justice League movies.

It is unclear whether Wonder Woman’s crossover will be in the Justice Legion series, or if she will be seen in her solo series on the DC Comics TV network.

It’s also unclear if the crossover will take place in the Flashpoint universe, or will be a crossover in the new DCAU.

The other main character of the Animated Universe that has not made the leap to television is Aquaman , who has appeared as a minor character in a number of the films and TV shows that were released in the past decade.

In reality, Aquaman’s main character was introduced in one of those films, the 2005 Aquaman movie.

He appeared in two of the subsequent TV series: Aqualad: The Animated Series, which aired in 2007, and Aquamania: Aquatic Adventures, which was released in 2010.

While Aquaman does have a minor role in all of these animated series that have aired, he does not make a major splash on the screen.

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