What if… The Universe was a Nickelodeon movie

This is an excerpt from our July 2018 issue, available now.

This is part one of a two-part interview with the director of the upcoming film The Universe.

The Universe is set in the future and is an alternate timeline where humans have been artificially altered into humanoids and have colonized the solar system.

It is an amalgamation of various universes that were created in the same way humans have colonised the solar System.

This is a brand new franchise for the Disney-owned Pixar studio, but Disney has already been working on the project since 2010.

The studio had previously been working with Marvel Studios on a live-action film version of the franchise, but that project was cancelled.

The project was initially set for a 2017 release, but the new franchise was given a 2020 release date.

The film’s title, The Universe, was inspired by the film’s original title, the animated movie The Original Universe, which was released in 1971.

The film follows a group of people who were forcibly converted into the human form, and the resulting beings are called the Celestials.

A fan on Facebook said that the movie is set to take place on the day of the “Miracle on Mars” (a lunar eclipse).

That would be the same date that NASA’s “moon landing” of 1969 occurred.

According to the Disney Universe blog, there is a possibility of a third sequel to the original movie.

The project is currently being pitched as a potential “franchise sequel,” but no release date has been set.

The original Universe film was a sci-fi movie that was a collaboration between Disney and Marvel Studios.

The original movie had a big budget, but many critics felt that the films quality wasn’t up to par.

The sequel has a budget of $125 million, which is roughly equal to the budget of the original film.

This project is the culmination of a lot of work between the two studios, but this could be the last time we see a Disney movie in the “Disney Universe.”

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