How to create a magical space for your children’s conjuring app

The conjuring realm has never been more accessible, and now there’s an app to help kids conjure it all.

The app, called Magic Circle, comes with everything a child could ever want: a magic wand, a magic circle, a crystal ball, a magical lamp and more.

“Magic Circle gives kids the opportunity to create their own magic using the same basic tools that are so helpful to adults,” said Rachel Ziv, a former president of the International Magic Circle Association, which has been helping parents teach their kids how to create magic for over two decades.

“The more kids you have in your home, the more powerful the magic is.”

The app offers three modes for kids to try out, and the options are varied.

The first, Magic Circle Beginner, offers a few simple tricks to make the magic sparkle and sparkle up with the touch of a button.

The second mode is for kids ages 4 to 7, with a few more advanced options for older kids and adults.

The third mode is called Magic Touch, where kids can choose to have a magic touch on a magic object, say, a book or a piece of furniture.

The touch of that object brings about an effect on the object that will happen over time, Ziv said.

Ziv and her husband, Nathan, founded the organization in 2005.

The couple is raising money to keep it afloat and have it in place for the foreseeable future.ZIV has been involved in the world of magic for nearly a decade, but she believes Magic Circle has a lot of potential.

“There are some kids that don’t have the tools to be able to play with magic, and it can be frustrating when you have that frustration,” she said.

“This app gives kids that toolset and allows them to start exploring, to see if they can make a magic effect that will make them feel good.

It’s really exciting to be a part of.”

Magic Circle is free for kids under 6, and costs $2.99 per month for adults.

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