What happens when you mix the internet and reality?

The internet is a tool for communication, but it’s also a dangerous place for children, according to a report by the Australian Institute of Child Health and Development.

Key points:Childhood obesity rates have doubled in the last decadeSource: ABC/Reuters/AAPKey pointsExperts say the internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous placeSource: Australian Institute for Child Health (AICHD)The report, published on Friday, also found a significant increase in the number of Australian children in the home aged under five who have a disability.

The number of children living in families with a disability increased by 43 per cent between 2005 and 2020, from 7.1 million to 9.6 million.

The report found that almost one in five children aged under 5 who had a disability lived in a home where a parent was unable to care for them.

“We see a rise in children with disabilities living in households with disabled parents,” said the report’s co-author, Professor Andrew Forrest.

“In particular, the proportion of children in families where a person with a disabilities cannot care for a child with a physical disability is increasing.”

It’s a significant problem.”‘

It’s getting harder and harder’Professor Forrest said that there were two primary reasons for the rise in the proportion who were unable to provide care for their children: a change in the way people lived, and a lack of accessible accommodation.”

What’s happening is we’re moving towards an environment in which the needs of people with disabilities are being met by the environment,” he said.”

The situation is really getting harder, and it’s getting more difficult for people with physical disabilities.

“The rise in people with disability living in Australia is not due to a change of culture, but rather a lack in accessible accommodation and access to community care services.”

People with disabilities who live in a low-income housing area or a residential care environment are often excluded from access to quality residential care services,” Professor Forrest said.’

It feels like they’re on the same planet’Professor Anderson said there was a “huge lack of access” to services for people who were disabled in Australia.”

There’s a huge amount of stigma attached to being disabled and having a disability,” she said.

The majority of people living with a mental disability live in rural areas, and the majority of mental health services are provided by local health authorities, which are not publicly funded.”

That’s a particularly high barrier for people living in remote areas who are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues,” Professor Anderson said.

Professor Forrest also said the growing proportion of disabled people who did not have accessible accommodation was also concerning.”

One of the things that’s happening right now is people are getting older and more likely to have dementia and dementia is a risk factor for obesity, which is a big problem,” she told RN Breakfast.”

They’re also more likely, if they don’t have access to a secure facility, to live in situations where they’re exposed to the stigma of disability.

“Professor Forrest and Professor Anderson are currently looking into the implications of a nationwide disability strategy and the implications for health outcomes.


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