How to create your own Stargate universe

The creators of the Stargate franchise have announced that they have created their own universe of stories, characters and worlds.

The announcement comes just months after the first teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Stargate SG-1 was released, which included an appearance by an unidentified woman who looks like a young Stargate crew member.

The show has also featured several other female characters, such as Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Lt.

Colonel Samantha Carter.

The SG1 team have since released more trailers for the fifth and sixth seasons, which are expected to air in 2018.

But the showrunners have remained tight-lipped about their new universe, telling EW that it will remain under wraps.

“There is no reveal of any kind on the new Stargate series,” said Michael Okuda, executive producer and showrunner.

“We’re trying to keep this in the dark.”

Stargate: The Next Generation creator J. Michael Straczynski, who is a writer on the show, shared his thoughts about creating his own Stargates.

“It’s like a big ol’ playground of sorts, because we have so many writers, so many worlds to explore and it’s such a big universe,” he told EW.

“I’ve written over 10 Stargate novels and I have a lot of fun with the Stargates, and I think I’m very lucky to be a part of this.”

The new Stargates will be created by Okuda and the show’s creators, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Dabb.

Stargate Universe is set in the same universe as the original Stargate, but will feature a lot more characters.

It’s currently unclear how many more stories there will be, although a spokesperson for the series said the first three episodes will likely have around 10 to 12 characters.

The series will also have a larger cast, which includes Dr. Catherine Halsey (played by Anna Torv), Lt.

Col. Elizabeth Johnson (played the same way by Katee Sackhoff) and Lt.-Col. Samantha Carter (played in the role of a young SG team member).

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