I love you and I love my brother

I’m a fan of my brother.

I watch a lot of his shows and I read a lot about him.

And I’ve always liked him.

And he’s funny, he’s smart, and he’s kind.

And I think he is just a really good person.

So that’s what I love about him, even though I don’t know how many more years we’ve been in this world.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to spend some time with my brother, and to see him grow.

I want to spend more time with him.

But even though he’s my brother and I’ve been together for so long, I don.t know if I can really talk to him in the same way.

I have a lot in common with him, but I think we’re different.

And my brother is a very smart man.

He’s a very bright guy.

He does a lot.

And when I’m around him, I’m always thinking, ‘Oh, I’ll be a good guy,’ or, ‘No, I can’t do that.’

I don’t think I can, because I think I’m too smart.

But it’s something that has always been with me.

I’ve been thinking about my mother a lot lately, and about how hard it is for her to see that I’ve not had a boyfriend in a while.

And she’s kind of like a big sister to me.

And so when I was with my family and my parents and I was around her, she would ask me, ‘How’s my mom?

Are you going to have a boyfriend?’

And I would say, ‘Yeah, she’s fine,’ or she would say something like, ‘I’m going to see her soon.’

It was really hard for her.

And then she’d be like, [sighs] and I’d be, ‘Well, she just got married.

Why do you think I’ve missed her?’

And she’d just be like like, Well, you just need to make sure that you’re not cheating on her.

And I’ve really felt like I missed her.

I haven’t really felt that way with anyone.

I’ve definitely missed her with my dad and my brother because they were so nice to me, but she’s still around.

I miss my mom more than I miss my boyfriend.

I don.traditionally.

I like to go to my mom when I go to the store, and she’ll be in her bedroom.

And she’d always ask, ‘Is there anything you want to buy?’

And when she’s in the kitchen, she’d say, I love your cereal, so would you like to buy some cereal?

I’ve always thought about my mom, but in a way that she’s a little bit different.

She’s always been my mom.

She’s not like a normal mother.

She doesn’t have to do things, but it’s always her idea.

She makes the dinner, she makes the bed.

And when I’ve gone to the mall, I like going to my mother, because she’s always there to make me feel like I’m going somewhere, that she loves me.

But I don?t feel that way anymore.

Sometimes when I see her, I get nervous, because we have such different experiences, and it’s like, I have a different person in me.

It’s always hard to talk to her because I’m so different from her.

But we have the same issues.

We have the issues of, we have these different personalities.

We have these issues.

But she always listens.

And she’ll always give me advice.

And if I have any questions, I will say, You know what?

You know, I didn’t ask that question.

When I was going through all of my stuff, I wanted to see where my sister’s gone.

And so when she went through that, I was like, That was a really bad thing.

Because I was the one who didn’t have my stuff.

But now, when I look back at that, she was the person who was helping me with my stuff because she wanted me to have things.

And it’s really hard to get her to say, Oh, I missed you.

I just think about her sometimes.

I think about how she’s my sister, but also my best friend.

And that’s a really hard thing to deal with.

I feel like we’re always talking about each other.

And we have so much to talk about.

We are very close.

I just feel like when we’re together, we’re so close.

And sometimes, I think, I would have really felt better if I could just not see her every day, because it would be like she was missing me all the time.

And even though we are so close, we don?trad.

We’re very close, but not in a loving way.

I feel like she would always be, like,

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