‘A world of wonder and magic’: Minecraft fans flock to India

A year after its debut, Minecraft has managed to capture the hearts of millions of fans across the world, and it’s become the most-watched video game of the year so far.

Ahead of the launch of Minecraft: The Official Beta on February 25, a group of Minecraft fans gathered in a remote village in the Indian state of Punjab to celebrate the game’s launch and show off their creations to the world.

But it was not an easy ride for the group of 15 people, who were forced to endure an exhausting 24 hours of driving to the town of Meerut and then a 12-hour flight to Bangalore, where they boarded a flight to the US.

The group, called Minecraft Fans, has been a virtual community since it was launched back in February 2015, with thousands of followers on Facebook.

The Minecraft fan group has a number of rules: No sharing of images of the game in the comments, no sharing of videos of the games gameplay, and no sharing or selling the game itself.

They have also banned anyone from posting links to the game on their social media accounts.

However, this was not enough to satisfy the Minecraft Fans.

They have since set up a Facebook group called Minecraft fans to provide a safe space for them to share their creations and share their opinions on the game.

“There are so many comments about the game, and a lot of them are just really really great,” said Manoj, one of the Minecraft fans.

“We are here to share our experiences, and just share our opinions.

It is a really nice thing to do.”

A month on, Manoj and his friends have already made a large number of Minecraft figurines and are planning to make more, adding more to the collection as they go.

“I want to make a lot more than just one,” he said.

“Maybe even two.

I just want to be able to make it and sell it at the same time.

I am not sure yet, but we are thinking of making more.”

The Minecraft Fans are now looking for donations for the construction of a Minecraft-themed hotel, a Minecraft shop, and other items for the community to enjoy in India.

“When we get enough money, we will create a store in a small town in India,” Manoj said.

Minecraft Fans are currently looking for a space to live in, but have also set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to build the hotel and the Minecraft shop.

“It is definitely going to be the coolest place I have ever lived,” Manoy said.

The Mojang team have also opened a Minecraft studio in Bengaluru, which is expected to be completed by March, and Manoy has been given the opportunity to work on the studio, which will be used for more creative projects.

“Hopefully, I will be able work on some things with my friends,” he added.

The new location for the Minecraft fan-made hotel is in an old house in the city, where the fans have set up their Minecraft studio.

The developers are also keen to get their own brand in India, as Minecraft fans have already created a brand of their own in the US and the UK.

“As an Indian, I think that Minecraft fans are really great and I hope that they will get to know us a little better,” Manoji said.

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